Lipsi: Five reasons to visit the beautiful Greek island


The new season has just stepped foot in our doorsteps, so we welcome it with a few of our ideas on why your 2015 vacations choice should be Lipsi. It is obvious that a lot of travelers is going to choose Lipsi for the simple reason it provides an ideal climatic location with the appropriate facilities. Fair and square. There is another part of people though that have not decided yet, and they base their decision on what more a place has to offer so they can combine with good weather and lovely beaches. Let’s be honest. There are a lot of places that offer lovely beaches, cool scenery, and rich history and culture. So allow us to give you our top 5 reasons among the very many that pop in our minds.

The island is popular but YET unexplored.

Traveling in a such a destination during summer gives you the opportunity to still find low prices. In addition you will find a wide range of accommodations to choose from.

The diversity of Lipsi is astonishing.

Do you fancy climbing rocks? You can! Do you like sailing in the most crystal clean blue waters you have ever seen and jump in the sea for a refreshing swim in a secluded beach you can only access with your boat? You can! Do you have a passion for hiking? You can. Lipsi is the ideal island.

The food is divine! Seriously!

Part of how we choose a place for our next adventure is the food. When it comes to food we are somehow held back, cautious and careful as to what kind of flavors are we going to meet in this new place we are about to visit. Greece in general is popular for its flavors and tastes. But in Lipsi flavors are divine.

There is always something going on.

Whether you are single, married, solo-traveler, or have a family Lipsi has something for everyone. There is always something taking place, especially during the spring-summer and autumn months. Festivities, cultural traditions, parties, music festivals, religious ceremonies and events are always in the agenda so it is highly unlikely you will not find something to do.

The island has a unique magnetism.

We do not want to sound romantic, and definitely not biased if possible, but once you decide to leave your hotel room and start exploring you will realize that the island has a certain feeling that grabs you. As a visitor you have the opportunity to get to know a place that writes history with big flaming letters all over it. Myths, legends, warriors, conquerors, pirates, love stories, and human passions are still part of the local everyday narrative which adds up to the feeling of the place.

Still thinking about it?