Access: How are we going to Lipsi

Access Lipsi possible from Piraeus twice a week. But on the other days will not be hard to get there as there is daily connection with local boats and dolphins with the neighboring islands of Patmos, Leros and Kalymnos from which there is a daily ferry from Piraeus. Tactics is[…]

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The island has a large port divided into three zones: tourist, for accommodating ships of any capacity fishing boats and yachts (organized marina) commercial cargo ships and for supplying water and fuel. There Landfill at “Kydonies” Lake reservoir capacity of 42,000 cubic meters at “Lady of Death” Tank 1000 k.m.kai[…]



The island has a 20 km road linking the village with many areas of the island. For the movement there is a taxi service, and during the summer season, the bus that connects the village with the beaches. There is daily sea communication with the surrounding islands and with Piraeus[…]