Τhe Municipality

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Welcome to the Municipality of Lipsi

Lipsi is a compatible open-air museum 16 sq. km, with beautiful farmhouses, well preserved threshing floors, cisterns to collect rainwater, fences and stone walls kilns. The small size of the island, the gentle topography and variety of all these structures, create a unique environment that makes the island ideal for walking and twelve months of the year.

Around the island of Lipsi, formed the homonymous Polynesia consisting of twenty-four islets (24) and six (6) rocks, a total area of ​​twenty-one (21) square. km.Lipsi with around the islands making up the city of Leipzig. The names of almost all the islands and islets is soil. Principal is Lyra, the Kalavropa the Kaparonisi, the Frankish, Sarakiniko, Makronisi.North of Lipsi lies the cluster of islets Refoulia northeast while the famous North and South Aspronisia.

The Polynesians of Lipsi located in the northern part of the island apartment Dodecanese, between the coast of Asia Minor, the Cyclades, Patmos, Leros and Kalymnos, composes multifarious landscapes with hidden treasures, ready to be discovered.

It is a destination for singles or fellow for families, friends, groups, for nature lovers, avid walkers, sightseers incurable, path detectors for religious. For a long or short time.

Diving in crystal waters, fishing in crystal clear waters, boat trips to islands, islets and rocks, churches that tell stories by the sea. Virgin nature changing colors from season to season but always stays the same captivating and interesting.

Lipsi put color to your holiday. You invite you to live a fairy tale, from those that remain etched in our memories forever!